Eu, Natália Correia
New Year's Eve Ball 2023
Grandparents Carmélia and Tonim
António Zambujo | Voice and Guittar
Gavin James
The Mousetrap | by Agatha Christie
Three is too much - Second dose
The Dire Straits Experience
Jesus Christ Superstar - In Concert
Banda Harmonia Mosteirense & Trio Origens
XXI El Açor - Day 2
XXI El Açor - Day 1
João Moniz and Sara Cruz João Moniz Acoustic Trio
Christmas Classics
The Cotton Christmas
Bárbara Tinoco
The Party of the Bugs
Manel, the Island Man
2nd Atlantic Circus Convention
Luis Barbosa Band
Zeca Medeiros & friends | Bairro da Música Festival
Beneficience Gala with Dulce Pontes
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